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Local Warranty

Warranty Information for RICOH & PENTAX Products

Conditions of RICOH PENTAX photographic products warranty terms and conditions:

1. RICOH MAGING products originally distributed by Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  and purchased through our local Singapore appointed and  authorised distribution channels (and shops), are warranted by Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  to the original retail purchaser for a period of 12 months  from date (of purchase) against defects in material and/or workmanship (only)

2 (a).  Ricoh and Pentax photographic goods imported (or purchased) into Singapore by local and overseas parallel channels / sources such as online e-commerce portals, or, retail shops in other countries etc , which are not imported nor distributed by Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd , will NOT be entitled to the 12 months local limited warranty and services in Singapore.   

2 (b)  This warranty is limited to repair of defects in material and/or workmanship. These repairs will be made at no charge to the customer. However all charges related to shipping the product to the service center are the responsibility of the owner. (Note: Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  will not assume the responsibility for damages or loss encountered in transit to the service center, but will assist in processing any claims whenever possible.)

3. This warranty does not cover finishes or batteries, nor does it cover damages resulting from accident, misuse, abuse, dirt, water, battery leakage, tampering, servicing performed or attempted by unauthorized service agencies. This warranty is valid only in the country where this product is purchased. Routine cleaning and normal cosmetic and mechanical wear are not covered under the terms of this warranty. Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  shall not be liable for any consequential or incidental damages resulting from any breach of warranty, express or implied, applicable to this product.


4. Warranty Terms and Conditions mention :

(a) The Warranty is valid only if the serial number on the product is not altered, defaced, removed or otherwise tampered in any way.

(b) The  Warranty excludes and does not cover any damage, loss, malfunction, defect or other issue arising from or related to (i) act of God, (ii) negligence (which also include fungal invasion / infestation, as well as molding), (iii) accident (inclusive of impact to the product), (iv) corrosion, (v) unauthorized modification, (vi) repair by any person not authorised and approved by Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  (vii) lack of or improper maintenance or care, (viii) abuse or misuse, (ix) inappropriate or improper installation, set-up, voltage connection or use, (x) signal reception or tuning of channels or stations, (xi) the finish or exterior of the product, (xii) any consumables (e.g.. batteries, tapes etc.) or software supplied with the product, and/or (xiii) use of the product with another product, accessory or software.

5. The warranty card(s) issued by Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  will not to be re-issued.   Please keep this card along with your original or copy of purchase receipt, and provide both to obtain the limited warranty service during the warranty period.


For Service related questions, please call
Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd   Mainline :+65 62739622
For technical support, please email to:



Sports Optics Warranty

From the original date of purchase,Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  provides a limited Singapore 12 months warranty for most* PENTAX Binoculars purchased within Singapore from an appointed  Ricoh and Pentax authorised dealer shop.   This warranty covers the original owner and is not transferable.  Routine external cleaning, normal cosmetic and mechanical wear and excessive wear due to professional use are not covered under the terms of this limited Singapore 12 months binocular warranty.



Proof of Warranty Status

The dated proof of purchase receipt (bill of sale) must be provided and presented (at our service centre) to ensure warranty status.

If a dated proof of purchase receipt is not received with the product, a repair estimate (i.e. cost of repair and spare / replacement parts, collectively) will be issued to the user / owner of the product.


Please Note: Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd  only services the  SIngapore market and will only receive and provide warrantied service for RIcoh and Pentax products purchased from appointment authorised shop dealer within Singapore.   If you live outside Singapore and require service for your Ricoh Pentax product,  please contact  a Ricoh Imaging representative in your own country/region Click here for a listing.  Also,  if you had  purchased / shipped your Ricoh Pentax product from any dealers in other countries, or, from local importers not appointed by  Audio & Photo Distributor (FE) Pte Ltd    kindly contact the dealer (local or overseas) which you had made the purchase from, to claim warrantied service.  

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