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smc PENTAX-DA★60-250mmF4ED[IF] SDM (APSC)
  • smc PENTAX-DA★60-250mmF4ED[IF] SDM (APSC)

    • smc PENTAX-DA★60-250mmF4ED[IF] SDM APS-C

      Delivering exceptional image quality.
      Telephoto zoom lens perfect for sports and stage photography

      This lens enables shooting of focal lengths from medium telephoto to super telephoto. Its wide zoom range enables you to capture the desired scene, from bust shot portraits to sports and stage photography. ED glass is used to correct the chromatic aberration and provide high sharpness. The open F value does not change over the entire zoom range for providing a lens that is easy to use and provides high delineation performance. The lens is designed with a dust-resistant and drip-proof construction and SDM mechanism (AF based on ultrasonic motor in lens). When the lens is attached to an SDM-compatible digital SLR camera, operation automatically switches to the AF by the SDM mechanism (Note 1). When the lens is attached to a non-SDM-compatible digital SLR camera, AF operation can be performed by the motor in the camera body (Note 2).

      Note 1: SDM-compatible PENTAX digital SLR cameras include the K-7, K20D, K200D, K-x, K-m, K10D (firmware version 1.30 or later), and K100D Super. If you have K10D with firmware version 1.20 or earlier, download the compatible firmware from this website and install it to your camera.

      Note 2: Non-SDM-compatible K100D and istD series cameras automatically switch over to AF operation using the internal camera motor.

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