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smc PENTAX-DA★55mmF1.4 SDM (APSC)
  • smc PENTAX-DA★55mmF1.4 SDM (APSC)

    • smc PENTAX-DA★55mmF1.4 SDM (APSC)

      Featuring both sharpness and natural out-of-focus (bokeh) effect
      Large aperture Star series lens ideal for portraits

      This lens features high resolution for sharp, crystal-clear images of subjects and a smoothly connected out-of-focus (bokeh) softness. This is a medium telephoto lens that is ideal for portraits. The lens uses Anomalous Dispersion Glass for reducing color blurring and enabling images with high contrast and sharpness. It also uses the "Aero Bright Coating," which features higher transmissivity than conventional coatings for delivering high image quality with unparalleled sharpness and a minimum of flare. The lens uses a round iris diaphragm for providing natural out-of-focus (bokeh) effect and has a dust-resistant and drip-proof construction. The AF system is for SDM (AF using internal lens ultrasonic motor) only (Note 1).

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