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HA-2 Lens Hood & Adapter

HA-2 Lens Hood & Adapter

S$68.00 Regular Price
S$35.00Sale Price

The Ricoh HA-2 Lens Hood & Adapter is a two-piece set of lens accessories for the GX200 and Caplio GX100 digital cameras.

The adapter allows you to screw in a filter that has a 43mm diameter. You can also attach the lens hood to the front of the adapter, whether or not a filter is attached. The lens hood features a "petal" shape that's designed to block unwanted light while keeping overall weight and volume low.

The adapter is required for using Ricoh's DW-6 0.79x wide conversion lens or TC-1 1.88x teleconversion lens with the GX200 or Caplio GX100.

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