PENTAX K-S1 /w 18-55 DAL Kit Lens
  • PENTAX K-S1 /w 18-55 DAL Kit Lens

    • PENTAX K-S1 /w 18-55 DAL Kit Len

      The body illumination uses LED to display camera status. This use of light provides intuitive camera control. The design floats like a light display for a unique sense of presence.

      Main switch : Green for still images, and red for movies

      Grip : The 5 lights in a line display Face Detection, Remote Control, and a countdown for Self-timer

      Mode dial : The currently set mode appears in green. When shutter release is available, the OK button is lit in blue.


      The AA-filter-free design maximizes resolution from the CMOS image sensor. This model is also equipped with the PENTAX-original AA (anti-aliasing) filter simulator function which reduces moiré that occurs due to tiny drive operations of the sensor. Two merits are obtained from this one unit. * Su†cient e‡ects are obtained when shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1/1000 sec. Also, this function cannot be used when taking “HDR” photos.

      With the new CMOS image sensor and PRIME MII image engine, high sensitivity of ISO 51200 is achieved. This feature shows its true ability when shooting in dark scenes that were not possible with previous cameras.

      A glass prism finder is used with the same specs as those found on PENTAX high end cameras. With the large, easy to use viewfinder with an approximate 100% field of view and approximate 0.95x magnification (viewfinder magnification), focusing and composing shots are easier, letting you focus on the subject.